Garden Fertilizer
Maroochy Sand & Gravel has an extensive range of fertilizer to complete your landscaping project.


Maroochy Sand & Gravel have all the fertilizer required for your next landscaping project (small or large). We take pride in our extensive range and quality of our trusted products and our friendliness and extensive product knowledge is hard to beat! We are a family-owned and operated landscaping supply business that relies greatly on reputation and word of mouth so we guarantee we will go that extra step to make your experience with us a memorable one, including helping you pack products into your vehicle or deliver where necessary.

Why Are Fertilisers Important For Your Garden?

Fertilisers are vital for giving the plants in your garden the nourishment they need to grow healthy and strong. As well as water and the right amount of sunlight, fertilisers ensure that plants receive the right levels of nutrients and minerals.

What Types Of Fertilisers Are There?

The most common types of fertilisers in Australia are organic, compost and soil additives, liquid fertilisers, and slow release fertilisers. Depending on the types of plants in your garden, choosing the right fertiliser is important to supporting growth.

For example, fertiliser with high nitrogen content is best for newly planted trees, while natives prefer fertiliser with low prosperous levels like composted sawdust or bark.

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  • 5 in 1 Organic Plant Food

  • 20kg Super Grass Fertilizer

  • 22.5kg Organic Fertilizer Granules

  • 25kg Dolomite Soil Conditioner

  • 25kg Super Growth Fertilizer Pellets

  • 30 ltr Cow Manure

  • 30 ltr Potting Mix

  • Sugar Cane Mulch

  • 65 ltr Potting Mix

How much product will I need?

The amount of product you need will depend on the product and the intended application. Here are some general guides to help you calculate what you will need.

  • For areas of 5-20mm of gravel, you will need to allow 50 – 75mm in depth.
  • For areas of 45mm+ of gravel, you will need to allow 75-100mm in depth.
  • Mulch is most effective if you spread it at a depth of 100-150mm.
  • Decorative Pebble needs to be spread at a minimum of 75mm depth for best results.
  • Road base needs to be spread at a minimum of 100mm in depth.
  • Crusher Dust needs to be spread at a minimum of 50-100mm in depth.
  • For soil quantity, please contact us.

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