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Different Types of Gravel

Gravel is classified into different grades based on its size, shape, and texture, which determine its suitability for various construction and landscaping applications. The different grades of gravel serve different purposes, such as providing drainage, stabilizing soil, creating a base for roads and buildings, and enhancing the aesthetic appeal of outdoor spaces. For example, larger grades of gravel are commonly used as a base material for driveways and roads, as they provide stability and support for heavy traffic. On the other hand, smaller grades of gravel are more suitable for landscaping and decorative purposes, as they offer a smoother texture and a range of colors to choose from.

gravel supplier Sunshine Coast

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Crusher Dust supplier Sunshine Coast

Crusher Dust

Deco Granite gravel supplier Sunshine Coast

Deco Granite

Road Base supplier Sunshine Coast

Road Base

Drainage gravel supplier Sunshine Coast

5mm Drainage Gravel

Drainage gravel supplier Sunshine Coast

10mm Drainage Gravel

Drainage gravel supplier Sunshine Coast

20mm Drainage Gravel

How Much Product Will I Need?

  • For areas of 5-20mm of gravel, you will need to allow 50 – 75mm in depth
  • For areas of 45mm+ of gravel, you will need to allow 75-100mm in depth
  • Road base needs to be spread at a minimum of 100mm in depth
  • Crusher Dust needs to be spread at a minimum of 50-100mm in depth


Calculate m3 required for mulch and sand. Enter the length, width and depth of your area.

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