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Which Mulch Should I Choose?

Choosing the best mulch for your garden depends on several factors, such as the type of plants you are growing, the climate of your area, and your personal preferences. Organic mulches, such as shredded leaves, straw, and wood chips, are popular choices as they can improve soil structure, retain moisture, and suppress weeds. They also break down over time, adding nutrients to the soil and promoting healthy microbial activity. However, organic mulches may attract pests and require regular replenishment to maintain their effectiveness. Inorganic mulches, such as gravel, pebbles, and landscape fabric, are also options as they do not decompose and can provide long-lasting weed control and erosion prevention. Ultimately, the best mulch for your garden depends on your specific needs and goals – if you’re not sure, talk to us – we’re happy to help.

landscaping garden mulch supplier Sunshine Coast

How Much Mulch Will I Need?

Mulch is most effective if you spread it at a depth of 100-150mm.

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Red Cypress Mulch supplier Sunshine Coast

Cypress Mulch

1 Inch Hoop Pine Mulch supplier Sunshine Coast

1 Inch Hoop Pine Mulch

1 Inch Pine Slash Mulch supplier Sunshine Coast

1 Inch Pine Slash Mulch

Earthgrow Mulch supplier Sunshine Coast

Earthgrow Mulch

Eco Mulch supplier Sunshine Coast

Eco Mulch

Forest Blend supplier Sunshine Coast

Forest Blend Mulch

Hardwood Chip mulch supplier Sunshine Coast

Hardwood Chip Mulch


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