Garden Lighting

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Wandering through your garden during the day can be a great way to escape the complications and stress of everyday life, imagine if you could also do it at night when the weather is beautiful, cool and quiet. Lighting up sections of your backyard can make your garden glow, and create a wonderful ambience

Creating your own Unique Garden

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Getting your head around garden design can be a little daunting, however if you maintain the feeling you have established within the home through to the garden, things start to fall into place. Using things like metal screens behind or in front of foliage, or in front of a fence can draw the eye

Spring Gardening 101

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The garden is waking up, and you’re in charge. It’s time to start planting, pruning and preparing your garden beds to get the best out of your plants. EDIBLES Check for growth, did you plant any bulbs, before winter or at the start, they might be just starting to pop their heads out of

How to make environmentally friendly caterpillar spray

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Morning everyone, if you're interested in gardening and growing beautiful plants and vegetables like I am and don't like to use a lot of pesticides in your garden, I'd just like to show you a really quick and easy, natural caterpillar repellant that we've used over the last year or so in our gardens

See How Pavers Can Transform a Space

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Pavers are a great way to bring life and personality to your outdoor space. No matter whether your landscaping project is big or small, you’re definitely going to love the look of pavers. Here at Maroochy Sand and Gravel, we offer a wide selection of pavers on the Sunshine Coast in several materials to suit your wants and

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