Getting your head around garden design can be a little daunting, however if you maintain the feeling you have established within the home through to the garden, things start to fall into place.

Using things like metal screens behind or in front of foliage, or in front of a fence can draw the eye towards the garden and provides texture. Adding sculptures and garden seating to spots in your yard can also create cosy and tranquil spaces to relax, try sourcing things from recycle yards or making something yourself out of things you no longer want or need in your home or shed.

Pebble riverstone garden art
Modern timber alfresco seating
rustic garden bench
Rock Patterns Garden Bed
Unique Garden Screen

The list of things you can do or create are endless, it is entirely up to the individual and their creative minds as to how spectacular, tranquil and colourful you want your garden to be.  Walk around your neighbourhood and look at what grows in your local area and to get ideas and exercise or alternatively, talk to your local landscape yards and nurseries for inspirational ideas.