Pavers are a great way to bring life and personality to your outdoor space. No matter whether your landscaping project is big or small, you’re definitely going to love the look of pavers. Here at Maroochy Sand and Gravel, we offer a wide selection of pavers on the Sunshine Coast in several materials to suit your wants and needs. When it comes to garden supplies, we’re your go-to. Here’s the basics of what you need to know about pavers.

Paving around swimming pool
Paving around swimming pool

Paver Materials

Timberstone Paver Square

One of the biggest things to think about when you’re choosing pavers is what material they’re made out of. We offer several options to choose from, including cinder blocks, concrete and stone. The area you plan to lay them and how much foot traffic they’re going to get should play a role in which kind you choose. For example, concrete is sturdy and attractive and a great option for gardens with kids and pets.


The square footage of the area you plan to use the pavers for is another consideration. If it’s a small space, you might not want huge pavers as they’ll overwhelm the area and may keep it from looking proportional and symmetrical. If you have a larger space you can think about larger pavers or creating a pattern or design with the pavers. Our Bush Rock and Sandrock Steppers are ideal choices for these larger areas.


One of the best things you can do with pavers in your garden is use them to create a patio that you can use for enjoying warm days or for entertaining. Section off a part of your garden and create a flat, smooth surface that you can use for a table and chairs, your barbecue grill and your firepit. The pavers prevent the space from being muddy when it rains or taken over by weeds in the spring and summer. If your space is limited, avoid using pavers to create steps as this will take away valuable space.


Paver Grey

When you choose pavers for your garden, be sure you consider the colour and how it melds with the look of your house and landscaping. We offer pavers in grey, copper, brown or clay so you have plenty of options. Choose one that matches your home’s siding or paint colour and that doesn’t clash with flowers or patio decor. That way you have a seamless and attractive look in your outdoor space.

When you need pavers in the Sunshine Coast area, contact us at Maroochy Sand & Gravel. We’re happy to provide all the information you need and free quotes.